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//CIo-NEM Comm[unity]

CIo-NEM Comm[unity]

Category : Competition

With: Ahmed Adel, Gulfia Kutlahmetova,  Mohamed Mansour

Transformations of survival, the way of living, working and entertaining, and the way we communicate with others. These changes indicate long-term effects on the planning and architecture of our cities. In a short time we face a challenge to reshape our vision of the city in general and the home with its current understanding in particular at a time of global crisis caused by a health epidemic that directly affects the private life of the individual and his relationship to the surrounding community. We believe the Covid-19 epidemic is an opportunity to reform the economy, environment and long-term life­style. It creates opportunities for us to change the shape of the house in its current form consisting of closed spaces surrounded by an open space used exclusively by the residents of the house.

“Cionem” community is a society that aims at societal rapprochement by exploiting the private green areas and transforming them into points of contact between the neighbor­ing population to each other through visual and audio communication without any phys­ical rapprochement through the spacing in the classes between each unit and another as shown in the drawings. We also encourage residents to spend more time in the green areas through recreational, community and environmental activities such as swimming pools, benches, etc.

It is important to create an overall public space which is able to bring people together, but still keep a distance between them. The residential units have specific organization which allows to arrange private entrance way to every family unit and simultaneously create a multifunctional inner-yard space. Due to such a spatial, interactive, but distanced structure of the complex itself, every resident has a personal place which provides direct visibility to the central scene, as well as to a neighborhood. That gives the opportunity to people to stay together despite the entire difficult situation: to spend the evenings watching the performances together, doing the morning exercises or celebrate events.

The internal spaces are no less practical and fun than the outside as traditional home spac­es change and the introduction of mandatory spaces to match the event as a work area and a children’s area when parents work and an educational area for students, sports area, VR and isolation area in the event of an infliction a person and a sanitation area when entering the residence.


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