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Swisspearl® Robotic Wire Cutting Summer School

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//Robotic Wire Cutting, Swisspearl® Summerschool 2015

Project Details

In collaboration with: Eternit (Schweiz) AG Staff: David Jenny (Project Manager), Romana Rust (Research Director) Students: Grgurac Ana, Gheyselinck Aurèle, Sarah Barras, Li Bo, Marco Caprani, James Chenault, Ahmed Elshafei , Victoria Fard, Alix Gasser, Marco Palma, Julien Prudhomme, Ludwig Schilling, Stéphane de Weck, Stavroula Tsafou Selected Experts: Marco Selected Guest Critics : Asbjørn Søndergaard, Matthias Rippmann Support: The project was additionally supported by the Department of Architecture (D-ARCH) ETH Zurich and swisspor AG.

Summer School Robotic Wire Cutting

Robotic Wire Cutting, Swisspearl® Summerschool 2015

Robotic Wire Cutting is a two-week summer school that focuses on novel digital design and fabrication methods and their implementation in 1: 1 scale robot-built facade structures. The different façade elements were produced using the cement composite Swisspearl® or by lamination of robotic-cut polystyrene blocks.

The speed and efficiency of the cooperative production processes using two industrial robots and the resulting extended geometrical possibilities as well as the implementation directly in the production facilities of Eternit (Schweiz) AG allowed a unique investigation of the architectural potential of this automated cutting process.

  • The loop process between Design and Fabrication :

  • OutPut Process :

  • Date : 01.09.2015
  • Client : Swisspearl®
  • Skills : Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, Python, ABB Robotic arm
  • Location :
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