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MAS The Brick Labyrinth Pavilion

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Brick Labyrinth
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//Brick Labyrinth Pavilion

Project Details

Gramazio Kohler Research Tutors: David Jenny, Luka Piskorec, Stefana Parascho, Hannes Mayer ​ Students: Rodrigo Díaz, Ahmed Elshafei, Marirena Kladeftira, Matteo Pacher, Sambit Samant, Iacovina Kontiza, Theodora Spathi, Marco Caprani, Hakim Hasan, Maria Pachi, Federico Giacomarra, Coralie Ming, Samuel Cros, Thodoris Kyttas, Wataru Nagatomo, Dai-Syuan Wu, Matthias Leschok ​ Sponsors and Collaborators: Keller AG Ziegeleien Special Thanks: Mike Lyrenmann and Philippe Fleischmann (Robotic Fabrication Laboratory), Andreas Reusser (Concrete Lab)

Pavilion Brick Labyrinth

Brick Labyrinth Pavilion

The Brick Labyrinth is re-visiting one of the most archaic building techniques, dry-stacked brick walls, in a completely new setting. For the first time, the Master of Advanced Studies used the multi-robotic gantry system in the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory to build a full-scale architectural installation of a brick labyrinth. Students used computational tools not only to iterate through designs but also to check the stability and feasibility of the produced structures and to generate the sequence and commands to control the multi-robotic fabrication of the final structure. Together with multiple iterations of physical tests and prototypes, this allowed them to design and build the labyrinth which consisted of over 10000 bricks with a weight of 30 tons in under 4 weeks.

MAS Students build 12000 Bricks in 4 Weeks


// Design Process :


// Structure Analysis for Bricks stability :

Fabrication Process :

Brick Final PresentationBrick Final PresentationBrick Final PresentationBrick Final PresentationBrick Final PresentationBrick Final Presentation

  • Date : 01.05.2017
  • Client : MAS DFAB GKR
  • Skills : Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, ABB robotics
  • Location :
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