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[X-Formula] Voxel

//[X-Formula] Voxel

Project Details

[X-Formula] Voxel [ one week project] ... Digital Building Technology at ETH Zurich MAS DFAB ETH Zurich 2016/2017

Voxel [X-Formula]

[X-Formula] Voxel MAS DFAB

Spatially 3D Printed Structures
Intro: Robotic 3D printing could promote an alternative tectonic that encourages variation and differentiation on a large-scale, instead of being bound to geometric simplification, standardisation and repetition.
The conceptual change, from layer-based material deposition to spatial extrusion, has several noteworthy implications: 1) the fabrication time is significantly reduced and becomes feasible for application in construction at the large scale; 2) the densities could be generated according to the various forces that act on the structure.

Focusing on a topic such as:
– Functionally graded material (structural optimization, material efficiency, visual gradient);
– Material behavior variations via tool-path manipulation (stiffness / flexibility);
– Specific spatial 3D printing challenges (overhang, long spans, customized node connections);
– Ornamentation
CA_Column Printing :
  • Date : 01.012.2016
  • Client : MAS DFAB DBT
  • Skills : Rhino 3D, Grasshopper
  • Location :
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